Grills and Accessories

  • Built-in grills: A built-in outdoor kitchen grill can become very convenient if you know the exact spot you want your grill. This will fit into your counter space.
  • Built-in smokers: A built-in outdoor kitchen smoker will also fit right into your counter on your outdoor grill. Smokers are different than grills. A smoker leaves a whole different taste to your food. You can choose between gas, electric, or a charcoal smoker.
  • Built-in griddles: A griddle has a smooth surface with no grilling bars
  • Side burners: Side burners are a great accessory for an outdoor kitchen. These burners will sit on your counter. If you decide to add a side burner you can cook pretty much anything and everything.
  • Power burners: A power burner is the largest and most powerful side cooker. It mixes gas with air.
  • Outdoor pizza oven: An outdoor pizza oven would be a unique and fun accessory to add to your outdoor kitchen.